Zakai Care Health Center, serves residents of Hamilton/Butler counties.  We welcome all adults and children in need of primary health care services.  We provide patient-centered medical homes, and an array of primary care services to get well and stay healthy. We offer primary health care services, nutritionists, and case management services.  We also offer school-based health care services to reduce high absenteeism among school age children while improving their health outcomes and academic success. Our goal is to establish healthy partnerships and provide outstanding health services to citizens within the community.


We also offer wrap-around nursing (infirmary care) services to children that are mildly ill and too sick to attend school.  Our nursing services provides care to children Pre-K-12.  Our partnering schools will provide the following benefits to families: 

·         Reduce Absenteeism

·         Increase Academic Success

·         Reduce spread of illness among other children

·         Provide back-up plan for parent's

·         Increase parent's wages


Parents must provide permission for their child to have access to the services. We must have parental consent to provide services to all children participating in our program. Zakai Care Health Center will not provide any services without parental consent.  Our staff is dedicated to assisting our families with insurance enrollment and any questions about our services.